Dads Gourmet Corner

Chefs in training in Paris, France (2005).

When I was a small boy I realized something.  I really loved food.  Therefore, I surmised that if I wanted to eat really well for the rest of my life I better learn to cook.  So began a lifelong love of cooking.  I majored in Hospitality Administration and had the distinct pleasure of working under several excellent executive chefs.  I worked hard to try any new food that came my way (Those who know me well know the three foods that I have refused to even try).  I was blessed with getting married to the most wonderful baker in the world and even have kids that enjoy their time in the kitchen.  So…where am I going with all of this.  We learned when our kids were small that they had severe food allergies (Peanuts and Wheat to name a few).  This caused us to really take a hard look at what we were putting in our bodies and to rethink our styles….a back to basics of sorts. 

Over the years we have spent much time learning to cook from scratch using non-traditional ingredients (although much healthier).  As part of our homeschool journey we discovered the most wonderful curriculum “Nutrition 101 Choose Life”.  Through this we learned what many of the additive and “extra ingredients are in modern food (Ask yourself what is a canola – that is a whole other discussion).  As this blog continues to grow I have had several friends ask that I add this little corner to share recipes that we have created and little bits of knowledge with everyone.  I am open to suggestions on this one.  If you would like to know something, want one of my recipes, or just want to share…please let me know.   Please keep checking back as we continue our search for healthier alternatives.

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