Posted by: Michael | December 1, 2016


I said goodbye to an old friend today. Someone I have known for quite a while. However they are someone who demanded a lot of time at the expense of those I love. Many of you may know her name  Facebook.   She knows a lot of people and always has something to say on just about every topic. 

We had a lot of good conversations over the years and a few that were not so good.  However the time as come to put some distance between us. I may look her up after the turn of the year.  However I want to ensure it is on my terms and when I can have boundaries in place.  Going to enjoy the time with family and friends instead.  


  1. Hi Michael-

    I hope you and your family are doing well 🙂

    Just an update: I’m changing my email address to:

    Thanks, Mary K Naifeh

    • We are doing well. Hope you guys are as well. Thanks for letting me know

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