Posted by: Michael | August 21, 2012

The Journey (an allegory)


There once was an idyllic village nestled  in the most beautiful land.  Everyday the sun rose with a brilliant sunrise and the flowers and trees were always in bloom.  There was no death, sorrow, or blight  and winter had not touched the land for years on end.   Within the village was to be found only peace and contentment.  Everyone greeted each other with a smile and a wave.  Each villager  was content that their neighbor was proper and neat.  There were no surprises and life was most pleasant.

In this village there lived a most pleasant young man.  He was happy and settled and loved his neat life.  Each day was greeted the same as before and there was never a surprise to shatter that pace.  His friends were many and his enemies were few.  He was well-respected within the town and his ways were acceptable and safe.

One day this young man felt a call to do more.  He proudly announced to his family and friends that he was ready to explore.  He wanted to go on a quest to impact the world.  To do more than to just stand in his safe little world.  Some of the village arose in alarm. They proclaimed “Why would you leave such a prefect little place?”.   Some he had called friends would speak with him no more.  However, there were many who proclaimed that this was a wonderful thing.  That they would be there for him along the way.  They patted him on the back and wished him good luck and waved from their windows has he started to walk.  There were some who came with.  Those friends that he held dear.  They promised to walk and help carry the pack.

At first the journey was swift.  The time passed quick and their fellowship was great.  However, as the road wondered on the way became dark.   There were things on the trail that made the heart faint.  Many who came longed for their old ways.  The comfort and safety and predictable life.  His companions became scarce and his heart became weak.   He at last looked beside him and his friends, they were few.  Their clothes were all tattered and their pace it had slowed.  However, the spark in their eyes gave him the power to push on.  To dig in his heels and hike the next mile.

As the road became steeper there were others who joined him on his quest.   Those who shared in this journey and would walk on the trail beside him.  There were times that were dark and times that were bright.  There were visions that made the heart quake from sheer fright.   Things that the young man prayed that he would never have to speak.  After several long weeks, they saw in the distance a mighty mountain.   This mountain was steeper and taller than any they had seen.  They knew that if they made the climb they would see the end of the trail.   Therefore, the young man pushed on and at last gained the peak.

When he stood at the top and looked out over the land, he saw nothing but road and miles of dust.  The man dropped to his knees, tired at last.  His face  streaked with blood, strain, and sweat.  At last his limbs were exhausted and could go on no more.   The toil had been terrible and he longed for his home, the safety and the comfort that was so far behind.  When he was ready to give in he felt a light touch and then several more, those who were with him lifted him up.  They wiped down his face and picked up his pack.  Then they pointed out beyond the mist and the dust.  He shielded his eyes and squinted a bit.  There on the horizon was a wonderful light.  He knew at that point that the path did have an end.  The journey was long but the  reward was indeed great.  He hugged all his friends and grabbed all their hands.   Together they set out to find the journey’s end.


  1. Yes.

    My first thought was of “The Hobbit”. My second thought was of “The Lord of the Rings”. My third thought was of a short story I wrote in high school.

    My most powerful thought was of our walk through this life with Christ and each other.

    I like it. (And not just because I wrote a similar story, because I think this one is better)

    • Thanks I really appreciate the feedback. To have my name mentioned in the same place as Tolkin is wonderful…LOL. God had this one bouncing around in my head for a few days…Had to finally get this out on paper.

      • I completely understand!

        You are quite welcome, and I linked to this on Facebook.

  2. Oh, that’s so not fair. Today has been one of those days for us that you know all about. Your story made me spill more tears, when they had just started to stopped. But, they are tears that minister to my heart because you and Angela are those very friends in your story to me. (I do not like to cry though so I think I will be mad at you for a few more minutes.)

    • I am so sorry Valerie….God had this one bouncing around in my head for a couple of days and I had to get it out.

  3. Michael, thank you for taking that first step on the journey. Never forget the day you said “here I am Lord, send me.”

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  5. Need more…like reading your post

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