Posted by: Michael | April 3, 2012


Balanza de la Justicia

Scales of justice

As we were going through our family devotion tonight we began to speak of those times when we are facing a decision in our lives.  We all have those times where we are trying to make a decision to do something that is, at best, questionable.  The times when you are wondering if it is the right thing to do.   Do I really need to tell the truth on that application?  Do I really need to report all my income on my taxes?   That is the time that the little voice in your heat starts working…the time you begin to justify your actions.

Wow – the government has enough money.  I have worked hard all year and my family needs that extra refund money for a new hot water heater.  Whats wrong with fudging the numbers a little.

  I really need the new job – I don’t see the problem with putting some extra skills on my resume. 

 Everyone tells a little lie once in a while…who can it hurt?

  I cannot afford to be late to work again this week…there is nothing wrong with going a little over the speed limit to make up some time… 

Let’s be honest.  We have all heard these before in one form or another.  Most of us can admit to even saying them ourselves

I have often told my boys that this is the time to beware.  If you are at the point where you find yourselves justifying what you are about to do or have done…start rethinking your actions.  I am certain that when we find ourselves standing at the judgement seat of Christ there will not be a time of justification…

Christ: Why did you tell that lie?

Us:  Well Lord! I was just trying to make everyone happy…

Christ: well that’s ok.    Why did you take those pencils from work?

Us: Well you know that they had a lot more money than I did and my kids needed them for school…

Christ: Well that’s fine….thanks for explaining those things.

Somehow I don’t think that is how it will work out.  When we find ourselves before the seat of Christ…it will not be a time for justification…it will be a time for judgement.

We are blessed with a loving God.   We are blessed with a merciful God.  However,  He is also a just God.  Our God does not see things in shades of gray.  They are right or wrong, good or evil, there is no justification for sin.  When that little voice in your head kicks into gear and starts to make the excuses for your actions.  It is time to kick that little voice out of your head.  That is the time to rethink your actions and to measure them against what our Father in heaven directs us to do.  If we were to suddenly find ourselves standing before the Father and called to judgement for our actions…how would this one measure up in the pure light of Christ?


There is sanctification in Christ

There is purification in the blood of Christ

There is no justifying of ourselves before the judgement seat of Christ


  1. Michael, I enjoy your blog. It is so good to read that you have family devotions. Other dad’s might gain from a post on family worship, coming from one who leads his family. ~ Fran

    • Thanks Fran
      I love the blog idea and will start on it soon. I hope yoy have a blessed and wonderful weekend

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