Posted by: Michael | March 4, 2012

All Glory to the Lord!

How many times in life do we find ourselves in that moment of high stress and/or peril.  You are driving down the road and find yourself coming head on with that truck.  You are preparing to take that all important final exam that you need to graduate.  You are waiting on those tell-tale lab results from the doctor.  Those moments take on all shapes and sizes in our lives.  However, we always tend to respond the same way…Lord, please help me!  We call out to our heavenly Father to come to our need.  To save us, strengthen us, and lift us above the pain of the moment.  That plea for help during our lowest and weakest point. 

Our loving Father is faithful.  He gets us through those moments.  Maybe not always with the results we are hoping for. He is there to walk with us during these times and see us push through the moment and be strengthened in the process.  Our Father in heaven loves us and will never leave us and is always there to walk beside us.  However once those moments pass and we are on the other side the result is often the same.  It’s all about me.

The truck just misses us and we go into work talking about our impressive driving ability and our need to join the NASCAR circuit.  The test score comes back with high marks and we are high-fiveing our buddies and talking up our superior intellect.  The dreaded  lab results come back clean and we are confident that we are living right and have a bright future ahead of us.  How quick we are to call on the name of the Lord and how quick we are to forget to give Him the glory when He responds. 

Over the past several weeks our family faced some incredible uncertainty as one of our little ones faced her second open heart surgery.  To compound things, the surgery was to take place in another state.  My wonderful wife was to travel six hours away to be with the little one while I remained behind with the remainder of the family.  The stressors were there…the logistics, how to pay for it all, how would the family handle it all..and most important what would be the outcome of the surgery. 

This was not something that we could do alone.  We did the only thing we could do.  We went to our knees and gave it up to God.  We knew that this was a burden too big for our tiny shoulders….We cried out to the Lord…Help us!  After the fact, I don’t want to follow that traditional path of the world.  I don’t want to forget the blessings of the Father.  He always has been and always will be faithful to the end. 

The surgery was a complete success.  A 5-7 hour surgery was complete in 1.5 hours.  She was out of ICU in less than 26 hours and home within 3 days.  A brother in Christ gave of his time and aircraft so that I could join my wife for the trip home.  A wonderful sister in Christ packed up her children and made the trip with my wife so she would not have to endure the wait alone.  Numerous friends gave of their time and possessions so that our time behind would not be as painful. The body of Christ rose up to meet our needs.  Christ was faithful in all areas and our family and little one were richly blessed.

I am here now to loudly proclaim that all the glory belongs to the Father!  This is a journey that we could never have made alone.  This is something that our frail bodies and minds were not designed to endure without the love of the Father.  At this point I can only look back in amazement at the love that our heavenly Father has for us.  I have to wonder how can those without His love endure the pain of this world?  How do some many in this world face these challenges with only their own strength to rely on?

I do know one thing ….God is still active.  He is still in the business of doing miracles.  His mighty hand is still holding us in his loving embrace.  I can say that all the glory belongs to the Lord! If you want to see the amazing power of God!  Please check out the journey at:




  1. Can I joy with you in God’s incredible hand and join in you in giving God glory?

    • Please join me as we praise the Father! God is amazing!

      • Thank you – I am!

  2. BY HIS GRACE—FROM GLORY TO GLORY! Each new trial of faith brings us closer to Him with more praise and adoration. As a young dad you still have many blessings to behold as you walk His path of faith. My praises and prayers are with you and your family. ~ Mrs. Fran

  3. This is really good. Praise God for His blessings, protection and comfort for your whole family. This is really great and you are exactly correct. I find myself praying to God for something then when the issue is gone, it was me. It is not, it is God. God is good, all the time.

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