Posted by: Michael | February 28, 2012


We live out in the rural part of Oklahoma.  I am truly blessed by my drive home everyday.  It is a wonderful journey filled with farms and a beautiful countryside.   It is in sharp contrast with the drive I had for most of my life.  One filled with honking cars and traffic.  It has always been a wonderful time to reflect on the majesty and beauty of Gods creation.  Along my drive I always look forward to passing this wonderful little church just up the street from my house.  They always have the best quotes and sayings on their sign out in front of the church.  Today was no exception when it read: 

We do not change the message…The message changes us.

Most of the time they are good to bring a chuckle or maybe even a good old belly laugh.  However, today it really spoke to my heart.  What a true and powerful statement that rings so true in this day and age.  How often do we see the word of God altered to fit the needs of society.  How often do we hear people say that scripture is “Old Christianity” and has to change to fit our current age.  God does not change.  He is the one constant in an ever-changing and darkening world.  He is the one we can turn to for strength and courage.  The constant knowledge that He will be there with us on the journey and  that we will never walk alone again.

It is such a testimony to our fallen nature that we would suppose that God should change to meet our needs.  That the creator of the universe would need to adapt his truths to fit our desires of the flesh.  We try on a daily basis to force our God into a box that fits nicely into our lives.   One that does not cause us to stretch or push our comfort zone.   To become a God that is at our beck and call.  A classic genie in a bottle if you will.  A God that we can call on in times of need.  However, one that we can stuff back in when we need to. 

However, the reverse is true for the true believer.  As we lead our lives in an attempt to follow Christ.  We see our lives changed.  We feel the tug of the Holy Spirit as we endeavor to be more Christ like in our lives.  I often tell my boys about that tugging and urging we feel from the Holy Spirit.  As believers we do make mistakes and we do sin.  However, when we do we feel that little voice in our head letting us know what we have done and calling us to repent.  That is one of the key differences between the believer and non believer.  Those that are not following Christ do not feel that tug, that tiny little voice.  They can be perfectly content to sin and  justify it to a thousand different needs.  However, for the believer, we begin to see ourselves changed.  Drawn into a new life that comes about from following Christ.  Allow yourselves to be changed.  Embrace the new life that we have in Jesus Christ. 


  1. our translators need to hear some of this – thanks so much for sharing

    • Thanks. Hope you have a
      Blessed week!

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