Posted by: Michael | February 20, 2012

So well said, I had to repost.

master of life in earth, sky and sea

I am an OT kind of guy – I am always tempted to rebuke someone and ask God to blind them, wither their right arm, give them leprosy and consume them with fire….

Don’t worry, it lasts for about a second in real life and I proclaim His grace and love for that individual and God is glorified in my life. Can’t say it lasts a second in my dream world, but that is not reality so lets say that does not count.

I guess I miss the incredible display of God’s mighty power.  God and fire were an awesome combination in the day.  People fell to the ground in awe.

Some people today wonder if God really exists, because they don’t see His activity in the world.  I know He is.

Someone asked me the other day why we Canadians do not have dreams and visions of God like…

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