Posted by: Michael | February 6, 2012

Dads Gourmet Corner – Floridays

One of the realities of being a homeschool family is that you must sometimes learn to live on a leaner budget.  However, this does not mean that you need to eat bad food.  As I said in my Dads Gourmet Corner section we strive to eat foods that taste good but are healthy as well.  This is a task that we must accomplish on a shoe string budget.  We have been able to learn a lot from  It is a wonderful book that we stumbled on at the OCHEC convention last year.  If you ever need a great supplement to your curriculum this one is wonderful.  Several people have been amazed at what we are able to eat on the budget we have.   This has also generated requests to post some of my favorite recipes.  From time to time I will post some of these on my blog.  It is my hope that these will be a blessing to you and your family.  I am open to your comments and suggestion to improve on them. 

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in  you?  If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple.”  (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)


(With respect to Jimmy Buffet)


Made with chicken

This is one that I came up with as I was lamenting the cold and flashing back to my days growing up in sunny Florida.  It is a great combination of fruits and seasonings that make me think of warmer days.  It is delicious with chicken or with a thick white fish (Mahi-Mahi, Orange Roughy, Talipia).  Give it a try – picture the waves hitting the shore and palm trees swaying in the breeze.

I’m back to livin’ Floridays

Blue skies and ultra-violet rays

Lookin’ for better days, Lookin’ for better days

Lookin’ for Floridays


1/3 cup olive oil

1/3 cup Key Lime juice (I like Nellie & Joes Famous Key Lime Juice)

1 tsp ground ginger

5-6 chicken breasts or 5-6 white fish fillets

Combine the olive oil, key lime juice, and ginger in a large zip-lock back.  Mix together.  Add chicken/fish and marinate for at least six hours or overnight.

(Note: The following was written to prepare with chicken.  When preparing the fish I broil or grill it while I am sautéing the vegetables and add just before the pineapple.)


2 green peppers – diced

2 onions – diced

Safflower oil

1 tsp garam masala (available at any Asian market or optional)

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp curry powder

2 cloves garlic – diced

1 bottle sweet-n-sour sauce

2 oranges (peeled, quartered, and diced) – reserve juice

1 can pineapple – cubed in natural juice

Combine oil, garlic, and chicken in sauté pan.  Sauté until chicken is almost done.  Then add green peppers, onions, and seasonings.  Continue to cook until chicken is thoroughly cooked and vegetables are tender.  Add sweet and sour sauce to pan.  Add pineapple juice to  the sweet and sour sauce jar and mix and then pour into the pan.  When heated – add pineapple and oranges to pan and heat for several minutes longer (not too long as the oranges will break down).  Serve over Jasmine or brown rice.  Enjoy


  1. Yummm! love this dish.

    • So have to try this!!!! Sounds wonderful

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