Posted by: Michael | January 22, 2012


I was reflecting today on what it is to walk in obedience to Christ.  To let him guide your steps and to live your life in a way that honors Him.  It is something that I try and do on a daily basis.  Do I have  it down….not by a long shot….However, daily I pray that I am coming closer to that goal and  that my actions and my life will glorify Him.   I look back over the past years of my life.   The times when I was walking in obedience and the times I have walked alone.  There is one thing that stands out crystal clear to me.  That is the difference between what is inside me and what is swirling around on the outside.  When we walk in obedience to Christ I am convinced that there is a peace that we have on the inside.  A certain inner balance that fills you with a calm in the darkest of times.  However, walking in obedience is not something that the world embraces.  When we are on this path the world around us seems to swirl in confusion and strife. Issues seem to pop up like weeds in the spring.  However, there is a calmness about your soul.  A confidence that you are on course and that you are right where you need to be.   I once  had a pastor tell me that if your path is clear of obstacles then you need to take a look at your walk.  If you are walking with Christ then satan will do everything in his power to try and trip you up.  However, if you are not then he will let you just slide on down the road. 

Therefore on the other side are those times when you are not walking with him.  I can look back on those times in my own life.  These are not times that I am proud of..but are times that I remember vividly.  I thought I had the world by the tail.  I had everything that I could want from this world and was making progress towards what the world defines as success.   However, I did not have an inner peace.   The world outside seemed to be rolling along  but inside there was uncertainty, restlessness, and a desire to change.  The Holy Spirit was working overtime in my life.  

The world around me right now is swirling like never before.  The ebbs and flows of the world are pounding against my very soul.   Many people look at me and say why are you walking the walk you are walking…cant you just go back to the way it was before.   In the eyes of the world it would be easier to hang it up and surrender to the call of the world.  However, within me is a peace like I have never felt before. A calmness that can only come from the Father.  I am ready to embrace the challenges, face the future and push ahead. There is one thing in all of this that I  know for certain…I do not go alone. 

I ask each of you to consider…where is your peace and where does the storm rage.

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