Posted by: Michael | January 20, 2012

Journey of Faith

I am excited to begin this “Journey of Faith” that I am undertaking with the start of this blog.  I am not sure where God is taking me on this Journey.  However, I am sure of one thing….He knows the way.  We have been in prayer as a family for some time over this new journey and are certain that this is the path to follow.  However, I guess it is just our human nature to wonder and to dare I say Worry.  

 I learned today that I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to speak at the OCHEC convention this spring.   The topic is going to be one that we know so well “Homeschooling through adversity….A Journey of Faith” (Hence the name of this blog).  We have seen our share of adversity over the past eight years we have schooled….Hurricanes,new babies, cross-country moves, job changes, house fires, and recently our decision to foster to adopt three beautiful girls all under the age of 2.  During this time we have learned much about learning to lean on the Father and to trust each other in the process.  I will not dare to say it has been easy.  However, I will say that our family has grown in the process.  I can only pray that I will have the words to share this Journey with others and that others will be blessed in the process….I guess more on this subject in blogs to follow.

I really appreciate those that are taking the time to follow my posts…I hope in the coming months to share my thoughts, insights and leadings from God.   To also share my adventures, heartaches, and victories and maybe in the process a little bit of wisdom.  They say that the hardest part of any journey is the first step out of your door.   So come along, take that step with me and join me on this Journey…this Journey of Faith!

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